Santanas Lil Man (Woody)

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    • Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
    • Listed By: Zack Stevens
    • Registered: Yes
    • Color: Sorrel
    • Sex: Gelding
    • Foal Date: 05/16/11
    • Markings: Star and Stripe; Snip on Upper and Lower Lip;Flaxen Mane and Tail





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      Woody is a 3 Year old Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding and 13.3 hh, Woody is very friendly, kid safe, has a smooth gait, smooth canter, picks up objects with mouth and hands them to me, lays down on command, side pass, back up in figure eight, rides in town, gone through car wash, loads and unloads from trailers, great personality. If you would like to see more please watch my videos.

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