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  • Breed: TWH/SSH
  • Listed By: Mitch Jones
  • Location: Brodhead, Ky
  • Registered: Yes
  • Color: Blue Roan Tobiano
  • Height: 15.1
  • Foal Date: 04/20/2007
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Tobiano

Auction Ending August 11th @ 8pm CT

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Gen’s Time Pusher-Aka GT


Going for $10,200.00 [8 Bids]

Reserve: [Met]Winning: TheresaHaye


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  • Breed: TWH/SSH
  • Listed By: Mitch Jones
  • Location: Brodhead, Ky
  • Registered: Yes
  • Color: Blue Roan Tobiano 
  • Height: 15.1
  • Foal Date: 04/20/2007
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Tobiano

Auction Information

Between Buyer and Seller


Description: America’s Next Top Model… here he is!!! Gen’s Time Pusher aka-GT is an ultra rare Blue Roan Tobiano! He has a super thick mane that hangs down to the top of his leg and 22” of his tail drags the ground when it’s let down. He is an 11 year old, gelding, standing 15-15.1hh and he is registered a Tennessee Walking and a Spotted Mountain Horse. GT has been around the block to say the least, he has been everywhere trail riding and showing. He has won hundreds of ribbons and high point awards in youth and adult sections. He has only been shown as a pleasure horse, NEVER been on stacks and only worn trail type shoes. He is the perfect trail/show horse combo! Everyone in the family has shown him from the kids ages 8-16 and Mom and Dad as well. He is a horse that you can take to the show and let every member of the family show him in different classes. He has carried the flag at the opening ceremonies and also been ridden in parades. GT has saw so many things that most horses never do, from kids in strollers to balloons flying around, moving floats to loud announcer systems… GT has lots of experience in big crowds and handles any situation that comes at him like a pro! GT likes to get prettied up and go to the fun shows but he also enjoys hitting the mud holes on the trails and is great on trails! He will climb up or slide down steep slopes, scale slick rocks and Work his way thru sticky situations with ease. He will cross creeks, ditches and logs. He is very traffic safe around log or semi trucks. He is also safe around gun fire, tarps, whips, trash cans, wind dancers, hanging noodles, balls of all kinds and will ride anywhere that he is asked to go. He does enjoy playing basketball as well and won’t even get mad at you if a rebound accidentally bounces off his face (sorry buddy!). GT has a very fancy way of traveling and is very smooth. He is totally natural and just wears standard “keg” trail type shoes. He just glides along effortlessly and is fun to ride! He moves out easily but will walk when asked. GT is a perfect gentleman around the barn and is easy to handle even for the kids! He loves attention and pampering! He would be a great horse for the ladies or kids! He is a beautiful color which will never change as he is a genetically a Blue Roan, he will not fade or grey out as he gets older like Dapple greys do, he will also stay a deep blue color. His color is blue, his heart is gold and all your friends will be green with envy when they see you on him! He is picture perfect!

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