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  • Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter
  • Listed By: Tori Blankenship
  • Location: Sarasota, FL 
  • Registered: Yes
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 16 hh
  • Foal Date: 03/04/2013
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star;Snip;Left rear pastern

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Mr. Worldwide


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  • Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter
  • Listed By: Tori Blankenship
  • Location: Sarasota, FL 
  • Registered: Yes
  • Color: Sorrel
  • Height: 16 hh
  • Foal Date: 03/04/2013
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Markings: Star;Snip;Left rear pastern

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Big Al a 5 years old, bright sorrel Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. A true 16 hands, and growing.
MFTHBA Registration number is 13-98884, registered name is – I Lost My Sock.
Albert was bred, born, raised and trained by the same family in Missouri – for the MFTHBA’s prestigious; 3 Year Old Futurity Competition.
June 2016, Albert was exhibited in the Owned & Trained division and won – the Reserve Champion 3 Year Old Studs & Gelding Class.
He is a product of select breeding for natural talent and ability. Albert is out of a Sensation bred multiple producing mare – and sired by the stallion Rhythm N Rhyme – who is sired by the Legendary Hall Of Fame Stallion, Prince Jester.
After the Futurity competition Al moved to Florida. He began his Western Dressage training in August with me and his new owner. Big Al showed us great promise.
An application for a lifetime recorded number within the Western Dressage Association of America was submitted & Big Al was recorded under his new alias – Mr. Worldwide.
Mr. Worldwide also is a lifetime recorded horse within the United States Equestrian Federation.
Mr. Worldwide’s Western Dressage debut was in January 2017 at a United States Equestrian Federation licensed show. Big Al started at Intro level and soon graduated into Basic level – and is presently schooling Level 1 moves.
January 2018 Big Al was awarded his Register of Merit by the Western Dressage Association of America and is currently ranked # 54 out of the top 100 horses – which consist of all breeds.
A pretty big deal – our Fox Trotters are right up there mingling with the big guns!
Big Al is one of the few gaited horses that has been able to achieve this honor.
Western Dressage is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the Nation right now. A sport that incudes gaited horses – on a level, fair playing ground. This is the first time a United States Equestrian Federation’s affiliate has welcomed gaited horses to participate in – all inclusively – without handicap.
It has become so popular that the sport of Western Dressage has gone virtual.
Dressage Show Online allows riders to compete and be judged by licensed Western Dressage judges in the comfort of their home farm. All you need is something as simple as your smart phone to video and a set of cones (or as a neighbor of mine has used – empty supplement containers upside down) to map out a dressage arena at home. I am very proud to mention that one of our riders and her Missouri Fox Trotter, is ranked 2nd on that rider league board – which also includes all breeds of horses.
Big Al likes to conserve energy when he can. He can be slow to motor up (he can be very lazy!) and ignores the use of spurs for motivation & swishes his tail in protest of their pressure. However – he does respect the back up aid of the dressage whip to get his whole motivational groove going on. And boy does he have some amazing groove moves! Since we have removed the use of spurs and went to the back up aid of the dressage whip – his work ethic has improved and his lazy nature is becoming a thing of the past.
All of our show horses, haul out to a state park trail ride at least once a month – to keep a healthy balance of rail and trail. Al prefers to be the super star in the arena and the follower on trail rides. He does not like to lead unless he has a confidant rider telling him he does not have an option. Once he knows he has to lead, he will – but really does prefer to be somewhere in the middle or back of the trail line.
When he does get to settle in leisurely in the trail line with a passive rider, I swear he day dreams in his mind. If Big Al is in la la land and a squirrel jets in front of him – he will have an impressive spook in place with splayed front legs making him merely 14 hands. He recovers quickly and doesn’t hold on to any spook anxiety. He is a very smart horse and truly enjoys interaction and direction. A rider that gives him direction on the trail, will keep his mind engaged – and the chances to day dream won’t happen & squirrels will not become the enemy.
He crosses water, goes over wood and concrete connector bridges on the trail. He’s fine with traffic, hikers and bicycles for the most part – unless a biker is heading strait at us on a shared trail and he has lead horse duty at that moment. Al will quickly melt back to second in line and let one of his buddies take on the crazy cyclist that does not obey the rules of multi-use trail etiquette.
Big Al’s personality is as big as he is! Serious, inquisitive, playful – just plain silly and loving. He’d rather hang out with his person than walk away out in pasture. He is mannerly and respectful in all situations; groom, clip, bathe, farrier, vet, hauling, loading & un loading, leading, cross tie & single tie, feeding & stall manners.
The last time Albert was in the competitive arena was 2/9/2018. His owner has lost the desire to compete at shows and is spending the majority of her time in the saddle with her trail mare.
I purchased Albert from her with the intentions to further his Western Dressage education. With many customer horses to ride on my schedule and a new 3 year old moving in to begin his Western Dressage journey, Big Al is enjoying more & more downtime loafing with his buddies in the fields. He is too talented and too young to become a pasture potato.
The video above was taken after several weeks off and no warm up time, this is the true talent and nature of this big kid. Big Al has every ability to continue to move up the levels in this amazing USEF Sport of Western dressage and to make someone a great rail & trail partner for a very long time.