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    • Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
    • Listed By: Mary Turton
    • Location: Everton, MO
    • Registered: Yes
    • Color: Sorrel
    • Height: 15 hh
    • Foal Date: 04/23/2001
    • Sex: Gelding
    • Markings: Stripe beginning on bridge of nose and ending in snip
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    For More Information Contact:
    Mary Turton
    Phone: (417)350-5878
    Address: 5006 Lawrence 1210
    Everton, MO 65646

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    • Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
    • Listed By: Mary Turton
    • Location: Everton, MO
    • Registered: Yes 
    • Color: Sorrel
    • Height: 15 hh
    • Foal Date: 04/23/2001
    • Sex: Gelding
    • Markings: Stripe beginning on bridge of nose and ending in snip


    Hi Hopes Farm – raising fine gaited horses over 40 years offers a trail competition level gelding.  “Shaggy” has miles of experience in the basics as well as Reserve @ Ava Spring Show in Trail Obstacle and 3rd in overall points @ the popular 2015 “Super Horse” competition.

    Here is a
    FUN gelding who will take care of you in the woods or provide a thrill in the fastest growing areas of competition – Trail Obstacle and Play Days ! Some common questions from those hunting for their equine match will be answered as you view the photos and video of “Shaggy”.

    • A common question asked from folks looking for a “ride now” horse is “Can they canter?” The canter is so much fun! It is an example of hours of training invested to result in the experience being safe and when you come back to a foxtrot or walk resulting in that good feeling knowing you communicated in your hands, legs, and mind. Shaggy loves the canter!
    • yep he likes baths
    • you can halter/bridle Shaggy without an argument (even short people)
    • yep he loads in the trailer and a question seldom asked but important to traveling – he rides just fine
    • “Can you ride that horse bareback?” Yep – “Shaggy” goes just fine bareback! In fact the shots of Shaggy gaiting without a saddle were with his original owner up. Here is a statement from my friend who purchased Shaggy from his breeder and enjoyed him for years. Rick Watson was known and respected for the care he gave his herd. This background knowledge plus the pre purchase exam provide confidence in Shaggy’s soundness.

    Rick Watson “ I have ridden, shown, and watched my children show this guy. He has truly natural and easy to find and ride gaits. He has seen it all and done most of it. I used him as my personal favorite till I had to sell all my horses last year due to medical issues, but he is one of mine and I have no problem recommending him to any one that can ride for a top ten show horse or a top all around personal mount. Shaggy will not disappoint and has carried his share of ribbons and saddle bags. Truly an all round natural foxtrotter if I ever rode one.”

    • Another common questions for those looking for a trail friend is: What about neck reining? Will they back? How much pressure is needed in their mouth for control? A great place to demonstrate these skills is the “pole box” in a trail obstacle exhibition. Additionally a horse who will stay on a narrow board placed on the ground as he travels and cross a post as you direct (versus choosing to go around) all reflect hours of work involved in training this accomplishment. Sometimes it is easy to forget what we ask of our horses versus what is natural to them. But to answer your question – yep – “Shaggy” neck reins and backs and does not require a great deal of pressure to bring a smile to your face in the saddle
    • Something about riding a horse over a jump is more than exciting – it is a true connection through the seat and hands. See the photo and video of Shaggy carrying his rider up and over the “stairs” at Ava Mo’s Obstacle Course but imagine you in the saddle!

    GIANT TRACTOR TIRES loose on the trail! (??) Another one we might not worry about BUT .. The point here is several fold – mainly – it would be unexpected and many of us enjoy a relaxing ride, not one where we are on guard in anticipation of a reaction our mount could have to surprises. So this obstacle 

    • recreates a situation your horse may need to take you safely through – a narrow opening – with frightening monsters on either side. Fine with Shaggy
    • The famous obstacle “CARWASH” – We all know it is unlikely riding through a carwash will  happen BUT – we have all ridden what was a familiar trail last weekend – that today  has brush in our path – or we must detour around and dread getting off to walk our horse through. “CARWASH” recreates the scenario giving us confidence for the real thing – and – yep – “Shaggy” enjoys the pretending
    • A horse needs trust with the rider in order to encounter and go-through challenges that it perceives as dangerous. Anything that involves an unsteady surface – such as walking across a log over a stream, bridges, etc are scary to our mounts! A great trail obstacle “trust test” for success is the “teeter toter” – yep – “Shaggy” can do it
    • Hi Hopes Farm has partnered with many great trainers through the years. We are proud to frequently receive calls from folks who have chosen one of our stock for their gaited riding needs – either in appreciation for having found their equine companion or looking for another! Most recently we have had the pleasure of the well respected Leslie Catt preparing our offerings for trail experiences. We offer only one or two of our mature herd each year – allowing Leslie plenty of time to evaluate the prospect. Leslie then also has ample time for exposure to those things everyone wants in a pleasure mount! So in answer to your question – yep – you can open and close gates off “Shaggy”
    • If you are going to add some variety to your time in saddle watch for the rebirth of “Play Days” Lots of local saddle clubs are back in the groove and offer these weekly. Many have cattle classes – watch the “Super Horse” video and observe Shaggy cut a calf, pen the bunch and hold one too!

    Shaggy is ridden with a Myler bit and shank. We offer his new owner some time in Missouri with Leslie to ride our beautiful hills and valleys. A few days to connect with his queues will just ice the cake! Call Mary Turton 417 350 5878 for additional questions or information. Sincerest thanks for your interest.

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